Allama Iqbal - The Philosopher of Pakistan

Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (November 9, 1877 - April 21, 1938), commonly referred to as Allama Iqbāl (علامہ اقبال‎, ʿAllāma meaning "The Learned One"), was an Islamist poet, philosopher and politician in British India. He wrote his works in Persian and Urdu.
After studying in Cambridge, Munich and Heidelberg, Iqbal established a law practice, but concentrated primarily on writing scholarly works on politics, economics, history, philosophy and religion. He is best known for his poetic works, including Asrar-e-Khudi—for which he was knighted— Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, and the Bang-e-Dara, with its enduring patriotic song Tarana-e-Hind. In India, he is widely regarded for the patriotic song, Saare Jahan Se Achcha. In Afghanistan and Iran, where he is known as Eghbāl-e-Lāhoorī (اقبال لاہوری‎ Iqbal of Lahore), he is highly regarded for his Persian works. Iqbal was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilisation across the world, but specifically in South Asia; a series of famous lectures he delivered to this effect were published as The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. One of the most prominent leaders of the All India Muslim League, Iqbal encouraged the creation of a "state in northwestern India for Muslims" in his 1930 presidential address.[2] Iqbal encouraged and worked closely with Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and he is known as Muffakir-e-Pakistan ("The Thinker of Pakistan"), Shair-e-Mashriq ("The Poet of the East"), and Hakeem-ul-Ummat("The Sage of Ummah"). He is officially recognized as the national poet of Pakistan. The anniversary of his birth (یوم ولادت محمد اقبال‎ - Yōm-e Welādat-e Muḥammad Iqbāl) is on November 9, and is a national holidayin Pakistan.(wikipedia)

کبھي اے حقيقت منتظر نظر لباس مجاز ميں
کہ ہزاروں سجدے تڑپ رہے ہيں مري جبين نياز ميں

طرب آشنائے خروش ہو، تو نوا ہے محرم گوش ہو
وہ سرود کيا کہ چھپا ہوا ہو سکوت پردئہ ساز ميں

تو بچابچا کے نہ رکھ اسے، ترا آئنہ ہے وہ آئنہ
کہ شکستہ ہو تو عزيز تر ہے نگاہ آئنہ ساز ميں

دم طوف کرمک شمع نے يہ کہا کہ وہ اثرکہن
نہ تري حکايت سوز ميں، نہ مري حديث گداز ميں

نہ کہيں جہاں ميں اماں ملي، جو اماں ملي تو کہاں ملي
مرے جرم خانہ خراب کو ترے عفو بندہ نواز ميں

نہ وہ عشق ميں رہيں گرمياں،نہ وہ حسن ميں رہيں شوخياں
نہ وہ غزنوي ميں تڑپ رہي، نہ وہ خم ہے زلف اياز ميں

جو ميں سر بسجدہ ہوا کبھي تو زميں سے آنے لگي صدا
ترا دل تو ہے صنم آشنا، تجھے کيا ملے گا نماز ميں

Allama Iqbal

جب عشق سکھاتا ہے آداب خود آگاہي

اٹھو ! مري دنيا کے غريبوں کو جگا دو
کاخ امرا کے در و ديوار ہلا دو

گرماؤ غلاموں کا لہو سوز يقيں سے
کنجشک فرومايہ کو شاہيں سے لڑا دو

سلطاني جمہور کا آتا ہے زمانہ
جو نقش کہن تم کو نظر آئے ، مٹا دو

جس کھيت سے دہقاں کو ميسر نہيں روزي
اس کھيت کے ہر خوشہ گندم کو جلا دو

کيوں خالق و مخلوق ميں حائل رہيں پردے
پيران کليسا کو کليسا سے اٹھا دو

حق را بسجودے ، صنماں را بطوافے
بہتر ہے چراغ حرم و دير بجھا دو

ميں ناخوش و بيزار ہوں مرمر کي سلوں سے
ميرے ليے مٹي کا حرم اور بنا دو

تہذيب نوي کارگہ شيشہ گراں ہے
آداب جنوں شاعر مشرق کو سکھا دو!

طارق کي دعا
(اندلس کے ميدان جنگ ميں(

يہ غازي ، يہ تيرے پر اسرار بندے
جنھيں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائي

دو نيم ان کي ٹھوکر سے صحرا و دريا
سمٹ کر پہاڑ ان کي ہيبت سے رائي

دو عالم سے کرتي ہے بيگانہ دل کو
عجب چيز ہے لذت آشنائي

شہادت ہے مطلوب و مقصود مومن
نہ مال غنيمت نہ کشور کشائي

خياباں ميں ہے منتظر لالہ کب سے
قبا چاہيے اس کو خون عرب سے

کيا تو نے صحرا نشينوں کو يکتا
خبر ميں ، نظر ميں ، اذان سحر ميں

طلب جس کي صديوں سے تھي زندگي کو
وہ سوز اس نے پايا انھي کے جگر ميں

کشاد در دل سمجھتے ہيں اس کو
ہلاکت نہيں موت ان کي نظر ميں

دل مرد مومن ميں پھر زندہ کر دے
وہ بجلي کہ تھي نعرہ لاتذر ، ميں

عزائم کو سينوں ميں بيدار کردے
نگاہ مسلماں کو تلوار کردے!

‘Zindagi ek raaz hai jab tak koi mehram na ho / 
khul gaya jis dum to mehram ke siva kuchh bhi nahi’

Whatever comes out of the heart is effective
It has no wings but has the power of flight

It has holy origins, it aims at elegance
It rises from dust, but has access to the celestial world

My love was seditious, rebellious and clever
My fearless wailing rent through the sky

On hearing it the sun said, “Somewhere there is somebody!”
The planets said, “At the ‘Arsh-i-Barân there is somebody!”

The moon was saying, “No, it is some inhabitant of the earth!”
The milky way was saying, “Somebody is concealed just here”!

If someone understood my Remonstrance Riîw«n did
He understood me as the Man turned out of the Paradise !

Even angels exclaimed in surprise “What could this voice be!
Unknown even to the ‘Arsh’s keepers what the secret could be!

Is the mankind’s reach really even to the ‘Arsh?
Has this pinch of dust also learned flight?

How ignorant of good manners the earth’s denizens are!
How bold and insolent these denizens of the low are!

Is he so insolent that even angry with God he is?
Is he the same Man who once worshipped by angels was ?

He is the knower of Kamm , and of the enigmas of Kaif
But, he is unacquainted with the secrets of modesty

Mankind are proud of the power of their rhetoric
These ignorant people are incapable of talking”!

A voice came “Very pathetic is your story
Full of restless tears is your wine-measure

Your ecstatic clamor pervaded the celestial world
How bold in speech is your Loving heart !

You sweetened the Remonstrance with elegant graces
You established intercourse between God and His people

We 5 are inclined to Mercy, but there is no one to implore
Whom can we show the way ? There is no wayfarer to the destination

Jewel polishing is common, but there is no proper jewel
There is no clay capable of being molded into ÿdam

We confer the glory of Kai on the deserving
We confer even a whole new world on those who search!

Arms are feeble, hearts are accustomed to apostasy
The ‘believers’ are a source of disgrace to the Prophet

Idol-breakers have departed, the rest are idol-makers
Though the father was Ibr«hâm8 the sons are ÿzar

The wine-drinkers, the wine, even the decanters are new
The sanctuary of the Ka‘bah, the idols, even you are new

There was a time when this alone was the source of Beauty
The wild tulip was the pride of the season of spring

Whichever Muslim there was, the Lover of God he was
A while ago your beloved this very Unfaithful was

Make the covenant of fealty now with some local one
Make the Ummah of the Holy Prophet a local one!

How difficult for you is waking up at the dawn!
You have no Love for Us, sleep is dear to you

Ramaî«n’s restriction is irksome to your free nature
You tell us ! Is this the appropriate rule of fidelity?

A nation exists on the din, you cease to exist if the din does not exist
Without mutual attraction the assembly of stars does not exist

You are the ones who do not know any art in the world
You are the nation which does not care for its nest

You are the harvest which harbors the lightning
You are those who sell their ancestors’ graves

As you have earned a good name by selling graves
Will you not sell if idols of stone you get?

Who effaced false worship from the face of the world?
Who rescued the human race from slavery ?

Who adorned my Ka‘bah with their foreheads in Love?
Who put my Qur’an to their breasts in reverence?

They were surely your ancestors, but what are you ?
Sitting in idleness, waiting for tomorrow are you !

What did you say? “For the Muslim is only the promise of houri
Even if the Remonstrance be unreasonable decorum is necessary

Justice is the Creator of Existence’ custom since eternity
When the infidel adopts Muslim ways he receives houris and palaces

Not a single one among you is longing for houris
The Effulgence of ñër exists but there is no Mës«

The gain of this nation is one, also the loss is one
Only one is the prophet of all, dân is one, ¥m«n is one

The Holy £aram is one, God is one, Qur’«n also is one
Would it have been very difficult for Muslims to be one

Sects abound somewhere and somewhere are castes!
Are these the ways to progress in the world?

Who is the renouncer of the laws of the Holy Prophet?
The criterion for whose actions is expediency of time ?

Who is enamored with the customs of the enemies
Whose thinking is disgusted with ancestors’ ways?

No warmth is in the heart, no feeling is in the soul
There is no respect for the message of Muéammad in you!

If some array themselves in mosques, it is the poor
If some endure the discomfort of fasting it is the poor

If some are reverent to Us it is the poor
If some hide your faults it is the poor

The rich in their arrogance of wealth are negligent of Us
The Millat-i-Baiî« is alive on the strength of the poor

That mature thinking of the nation’s preacher is gone
That natural lightning is gone, fiery speeches are gone

The ritual of adh«n has persisted, the spirit of Bil«l13 is gone
Philosophy has persisted, the teaching of Ghaz«lâ14 is gone

Mosques are lamenting that the reciters of prayers are gone
That is those with attributes of £ij«z’ people are gone

Clamor is that Muslims have disappeared from the world
We ask whether the Muslims were present anywhere?

In fashion you are Christians, in culture you are Hindus
Are these Muslims ! Who put the Jews to embarrassment!

Sure, you are even Saiyyid, Mirza and Afghan also
You are all these, say whether you are Musalmans also?

During speech the candor of the Muslim was fearless
His justice was strong, undefiled by consideration of bias

The tree of Muslim’s nature was watered with modesty
In valor he was an incomprehensible existence

Internal warmth was the essence of his wine’s quality
To empty itself was the custom of his decanter

Every Muslim was a lancet for the vein of infidelity
Activism was the polish to the mirror of his life

Whatever trust he had, on his own strength it was
You are afraid of death, he afraid of God alone was

If the art of the father not well-known to the son be
How can the son worthy of the heritage of the father be!

Everyone is intoxicated with the wine of indulgence
Are you Muslims? To you is this the way of Islam?

You have neither the faqr of Haidar nor the wealth of Uthman
What spiritual relation between you and your ancestors exists?

They were respected in the world by being Muslims
And you became disgraced by abandoning the Qur’«n

You are indignant to each other, beneficent they were
You are guilty and prying into guilts, forgiving and merciful they were

Though everybody wants to reach the zenith of Thurayyah
Every body must first cultivate that kind of affable heart

The throne of Faghfër was theirs, the crown of Kai also
Is this all mere empty talk or you have that ardor also?

You are self-destructive, zealous and self-respecting they were
You flee from brotherhood, lovers and brotherhood they were

You are head to foot talk, action incarnate they were
You tantalize for flower-bud, with garden in their lap they were

Even now nations remember their story
Impressed on existence’s sheet is their fidelity!

Like stars on the nation’s horizon you appeared also
In the Indian idol’s love you became a Brahman also

In the love for flying you became separated from the nest also
Indolent were the youth already, became suspicious of dân also

They have been freed from every restraint by ‘civilization’
Having been brought from Ka‘bah, they have been settled in the temple

Qais may not continue enduring hardships of seclusion in the wilderness
May stroll in the city, may not remain wandering in wilderness

He is insane, he may or may not in the city remain
It is necessary the Lailah’s veil may not remain

Let there be no wailing against ‘tyranny’ or complaint of ‘injustice’
Love is free, why should not the Beauty be free also?

The new age is a lightning, consuming every barn is
Safe from this no wilderness and no rose-garden is

Of this new fire old nations are the fuel
The Ummah of the last Prophet is set afire

If the ¥m«n of Ibrahim is acquired even now
Fire can create the garden’s norm even now

The gardener should not be upset by seeing the garden’s state
Branches are about to appear from the bunches of buds

The garden will be cleared soon of the waste and trash
The red of the martyrs’ blood will be producing rose buds

Look a little the color of the sky somewhat red is
This the glowing of the horizon by the rising sun is!

Some nations in the existence’s garden benefited from their labors are
And some deprived of fruits and even destroyed by autumn are

Hundreds of trees deteriorated and hundreds flourishing are
Hundreds still even concealed in the bosom of the garden are

The tree of Islam a model of flourishing is
This the fruit of eons of gardening efforts is

Your skirt is undefiled by the dust of homeland
You are the Yësuf18 for whom every Egypt is Kan’«n19

It will never be possible to destroy your caravan
Nothing except the ‘Clarions’s Call’ are your chattel

You are a candle-like tree, in its flame’s smoke your roots are
Your thoughts free from the care of the end are

You will not be destroyed by the destruction of Iran
Wine’s ecstasy is not connected with its container

It is evident from the story of the invasion of Tatars
That Ka‘bah got protectors from the temple

You are the support of the boat of God in the world
The present age is night, you are a glimmering star

This tumult of Bulgaria’s invasion which is afoot
Is the message of awakening for the negligent

You think this is the plan for hurting your sentiments
This is a test of your sacrifice and your self respect

Why are you afraid of the hooves of the enemies’ horses ?
The enemies’ blows will be unable to extinguish the light of the Truth

Your potential is still hidden from the world’s nations
The assembly of existence still has need for you

The whole world is kept alive by your warmth
Your Khil«fah is the star of the possibility’s destiny

There is no time for leisure, there is work to be done
Completion of the light of Tawéâd is still to be done

Like fragrance you are contained in the flower-bud, become scattered
Become the chattel traveling on the wings of the breeze of the rose-garden

If you are poor, changed from speck to the wilderness be
From the melody of the wave changed to tumult of the storm be

With the Love’s power elevate every low to elegance
With Muéammad’s name illuminate the whole world

If there is no flower nightingale’s music should also not be
In the world’s garden smile of flower-buds should also not be

If there is no cup-bearer, wine, and decanter should also not be
Tawéâd’s assembly in the world and you should also not be

The system of the universe is stable by this very name
The existence’ pulse is warm with this very name

In the wilderness, on the mountain-side, in the plains it is
In the ocean, in the lap of the wave, in the storm it is

In China’s city, in Morocco’s desert it is
And concealed in the ¥m«n of the Muslim it is

The world’s eyes should witness this sight till eternity
The Elegance of the grandeur of “Rafa‘n« Laka Zikrak” should see

The majority people, that is the non-white world
The world which would nurture your martyrs

The world reared by the sun, the crescent’s world
What the people of Love call the Bil«l’s world

Is agitated like mercury by this name
Is diving in Light like the Beloved

Intellect is your shield, Love is your sword
My dervish ! Your viceregency is world-conquering

Your Takbâr like fire for Godlessness is
If you are Muslim your prudence your destiny is

If you are loyal to Muéammad we are yours
This universe is nothing the Tablet and the Pen are yours


teri duwa say kaza badal to nahi sakti
magar hey iss say yeh mumkin kay tu badal jaye

teri duwa hay kay ho teri arzoo poori
meri duwa hay teri arzoo badal jaye

dil say jo baat nikle asar rakhti hai
par nahin taqat-e-parvaz magar rakhti hai

Dil me yaadon ki tarha, aankhon me aansu ki tarha,
Tum mere paas ho, phoolon me khushbu ki tarha

Yun tho syed bhi ho, Mirza bhi ho, Afghan bhi ho
Tum sabhi kuch ho batao kya musalman bhi ho

Teri dua se kaza to badal nahi sakti
magar hai is se yeh mumkin ke tu badal jaye

Teri dua hai ke ho teri Aarzoo poori
Meri dua hai teri Aarzoo badle yaye.

chehray pe jo surkhi nazar aati hai sar e sahm
yaa ghaza hai ya saghar o meena ki karamat

Iqbal says
‘Saman ke mohabbat mein muzmir hai tan asani
Manzoor agar manzil hai gharit gara-e-saman ho’
(Unnecessary load of worldly goods is a hindrance to easily reaching your destination, peace of mind and eternal happiness. So if you want to reach your destination easily, throw away your excess load.)

A Friend said...
Allama Iqbal.......
‘Zindagi ek raaz hai jab tak koi mehram na ho
/ khul gaya jis dum to mehram ke siva kuchh bhi nahi’
 (Life is a riddle as long as there is no true seeker, who on once seeing his inner-self finds that he himself is a combination of all secrets of life).


  1. Khuda'ya Arzoo Maire Be Hai
    Maira Noor'a Baseerat Aa'm Kar De

  2. shaiKh saahab se rasm-o-raah na kii
    shukr hai zindagii tabaah na kii

    tujh ko dekhaa to ser-e-chashm hue
    tujh ko chaahaa to aur chaah na kii

    tere dast-e-sitam kaa ajz nahii.n
    dil hii kaafir thaa jis ne aah na kii

    the shab-e-hijr kaam aur bahut
    ham ne fikr-e-dil-e-tabaah na kii

    kaun qaatil bachaa hai shahar me.n 'Faiz'
    jis se yaaro.n ne rasm-o-raah na kii

  3. Very nice Urdu poetry.
    I am sharing some of my favorite urdu poetry here.

    Wo kon tha jo mujhy aisy mila k koi gham na raha,
    Jo dour reh kr b mujsy dour na raha,

    Jany kab sy hamy uski talash thi.
    Jb btana chaha usy tou koi lafz na raha,

    Usy dakhny ki chah me nighahen tarsi hy meri
    Or jb nigha mili tou waqt hi na raha ,

    Lamha lamha uski yado me hi guzar jata hy.
    Wo tabir tou hy meri lekin ab koi khuwab na raha..!

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  5. nice collection of poetry

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